I stopped time and thought of you

Lorena Dini's photographs are a fusion of beauty, fashion, and contemporaneity. Throughout the pages of her first book, it's possible to witness a culturally and diverse creation. This book establishes the foundations of what has been a discovery of Dini's unique perspective. Maro, one of the photographed artists on book and the author of the preface, demonstrates how Lorena can capture the essence of the portrayed individuals with her keen gaze. This is followed by a selection of Lorena's most striking photographs, ranging from prominent fashion commissions and magazines to sincere portraits. Faces like Xenia Franca, Júlia Mestre, Ze Ibarra, Vitória Falcão, Milton Nascimento, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Rita Payés, among others, all posed before her camera, contributing to the beauty of the book and exploring broader issues of identity, intimacy, and art. Laden with energy, compassion, and authenticity, the pages of this book reveal a great talent whose influence and eminence will undoubtedly grow over time.

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